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Doha Heritage Museum
Doha, Qatar

with Ralph Appelbaum Associates

Restoration of 3 existing traditional houses in Doha. 


Jelmood house tells the story of slavery n the region within a global context and recognized today's slaves as part of a long history of humans enslaving other humans. Alongside displays the Museum will house a Research and Discovery Center - facilitating a deeper understand of the impact and legacy of slavery.

Company House is a reminder of the positive contributions, the technology advancements and the worldwide influences the petroleum industry has brought to Qatar. It introduces visitors to life in Qatar prior to oil, and charts the fundamental changes oil has made to life, population and prosperity. It will celebrate the people who were a major part of that change. 

Radwani House will exhibit the traditional Qatari way of living, by telling the story of the Radwani family and hoe they occupied and used the house. It will also bring the house communicates social issues and traditions, and how the effects of the rapid changes in Qatari society are reflected in its form and social relationships. 



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